Hello Ladies and more importantly, WELCOME, my name is Katie or for the trendy hashtag lovin’ kids on the block, you can call me K-MO 😊 


I am the Mind & Body Realist with a whole lot of passion and knowledge to serve you with…yes you! Women of a certain age, entering or thinking about the later stages in life and that dreaded word…MENOPAUSE!


Often life runs away with us, we blink and we find ourselves in a stressful and demanding job, kids are growing up, maybe even some grandchildren in the mix, possibly caring for our own parents too. Even typing out that paragraph gives me anxiety, there’s no time to think, where and when will it all end? In the midst of all this comes the hot flushes, the night sweats, the migraines, the itchy skin, the mood swings, libido loss, the list goes on…




I am here to help you!


What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? I can provide you with the tools and tasks you need, to switch your mindset and approach and prepare your body to READY, AIM & FIRE yourself into Menopause.  


The thing is…I’m going to need your help.

I can provide you with the essentials but I need you to take ACTION! I’m here to guide you and motivate you and most of all hold you accountable, BUT there’s no fire without the fuel and that’s where you come in.


A little bit about me for those of you that are interested…grab yourself a cuppa and get yourself comfortable 😊 


I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for over 15 years. My love for exercise started at a very early age, almost from birth my mother would say. I played football for Everton Ladies for almost 10 years, giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world and meet some fantastic people. Unfortunately, I was a little premature in my career and the recognition wasn’t quite there for women’s football yet, so I retired early and went back to University to pursue my true passion and study Nutrition.


Throughout my time at University, I also studied to become a Personal Trainer as these two areas in particular go hand in hand, and I knew the direction I needed to go to be able to truly help others. Graduating from University in 2008 with a B.Sc. in Nutrition, I worked for the Local City Council as a Health Promotion Officer. I quickly climbed the ranks into Management only to find myself at a desk job, counting the clock and consumed by spreadsheets.


So...I QUIT and moved to DUBAI!


I’m not a massive risk taker but I knew I had to do something, I wasn’t being true to myself and congruent with who I wanted to be. I landed in Dubai with a few pounds in my pocket, the address to a new Cross Fit Gym that I had landed a job for and a few contacts to get me started…what a ride I was in for! When people ask me what I think of Dubai? I say it was ‘the making and breaking of me’. I lived the life of luxury that I could only have dreamt of, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best in my industry, but I also had a lot of soul searching to do for myself. It was HARD work, harder than I had ever anticipated, but I do love a challenge! I worked my ass off for two years and eventually found myself being head hunted by a leading Personal Training Studio in Dubai, which taught me the real side of being a Personal Trainer, the dog eat dog, fake a** industry that was out there if you chose to acknowledge it.


Long story short, life wasn’t all roses and rainbows. Whilst building my brand, I found myself in a difficult and abusive relationship, one that I can now confidently say nearly broke me, and that’s when you truly find out who you need and value most in your life… MY FAMILY! So, I said my goodbyes to the land of sand, a place I will always hold close to my heart and moved to the big smoke, the hustle and bustle and tube loving city of LONDON. This is where I’m supposed to say the story continues, but I know you’re all still sitting there and wondering why the hell a young (ish) lady like me wants to help women in Menopause. Simple answer, they are and always have been my favourite clients, I can relate to them the most, I can understand and empathise with them more than other clients and I value their time and stresses like no other. So why would I not devote my knowledge and experience to making their lives happier and less stressful?


Having watched my mother go through the trials and tribulations of ‘the change’ and not understand what the hell was happening, I felt helpless and I knew I had to do something. Maybe it was too late for my mum, but this process was not going anywhere anytime soon and I myself can’t even run away from it, so that’s where the real fun began. I studied Menopause inside and out, book after book, study for study, conference for seminar and don’t get me wrong the journey is still very much in progress. There is no final destination; this is my life, my passion and my mission to gather all the (ever-changing) information out there. To reach out to the specialists, talk to the skeptics and consider all the research, evidence and opinions, to present you with the ultimate package for Menopause survival…now remember to take a breath, relax, and I promise you…we've got this!!


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