Understand how to manage your menopause with this series of e-Books...

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The Invisible Women

A complete guide to kick start your healthy lifestyle through menopause. If you’re a beginner or a gym novice, this plan will detail a structured 12-16 week plan of a mobility routine to ensure your joints and muscles are prepared for exercise, 2x home workouts for those days when you’re not up to leaving the house and a comprehensive 3-day gym routine that is guaranteed to get results. In addition, you will get a calorie controlled food plan that complements the exercise routines given and will leave you feeling satisfied and energetic for your new lease of life! 

The eBook includes:

  • Introduction to mindset

  • Setting goals

  • The exercise plan - Mobility routine (and demonstration video link) - Home workout (and demonstration video link) - Gym based workout  

  • Bonus workout  

  • Your food essentials

  • 7-day food plan


The 5 steps to manage your menopause 

Often life runs away with us, we blink and we find ourselves in a stressful and demanding job, kids are growing up, maybe even some grandchildren to look after, possibly caring for our own parents too. Even typing out that paragraph gives me anxiety, there’s no time to think, where and when will it all end? In the midst of it all comes the hot flushes, the night sweats, the migraines, the itchy skin, the mood swings, libido loss, the list goes on... 


I am here to help you...with my 5-step starter to managing the physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster of menopause. I can provide you with the tools and tasks you need, to switch your mindset and approach and prepare your body to READY, AIM & FIRE yourself through Menopause.




If we want to become good at things in life, we tend to have to work for it. When it comes to building a strong mindset, this too takes practice and effort. Understand that it’s not something you were born with, but rather it is something you must grow yourself, through deliberate practice. Building a strong mindset takes time. It will require your self-discipline and perseverance to keep pushing, even when things may just seem too hard. 

I have created a guide to the daily exercises you need to practice to build a strong mindset. Examples of tasks include goal setting and overcoming potential barriers, how to overcome the feeling of overwhelm, how to keep consistent with your goals and using affirmations to think and act positively on a daily basis.




Guide to fasting for fat loss

There has been much recent interest in the use of “fasting” as an eating strategy either to be healthier, lose weight or even live longer. Fasting in its literal sense refers to total abstention from eating, i.e. zero calories, however, some “fasts” do allow for a small amount of calories to be consumed. This simple technique has many benefits and has shown great results in fat loss for women as well as improving energy levels and mood stabilisation.


Here is my complete guide that covers the highs and lows of fasting, how it works, what to expect and where to start with implementing it into your life.


Fuel The Fire – Food for over 40s

If you’re fed up of fad diets and don’t know where to start with tracking your food. I have created a 7-day food guide that is specifically designed for women over 40 and the busy lifestyles they lead. This includes all the information you need to organize your week, including shopping lists for the supermarket and recipes to show you exactly what to do in the kitchen. These recipes are well balanced and super tasty – who knew food could be so flipping fun (and easy)!


1-2-1 & Group Coaching 

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Work with Katie either 1-2-1 or in a group coaching setting. 

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