Cheryl Downham - January, 2018


My KMO Journey


Life before KMO:


I used to be really fit and healthy in my youth I was a black belt in Judo, played lots of sport, then your lifestyle changes, you marry have children, work, become an expat etc the circle starts slow and you do continue to try and keep fit by committing to the odd run, walk, exercise class, swim, but I ask in the end who are we kidding or trying to convince, obviously yourself, and while the vicious circle you end up in is still slow it starts to gather strength, you realise your gaining weight so buy a bigger size clothing, then you promise yourself right this is it, I’m going to make the effort to exercise more, I’m going to cut back on that extra glass of wine, slice of cake, bag of chips; yes and we do, but for how long does it last honestly? So the circle gathers more strength, your under pressure with work or home life, as in my case I never had time to eat, or so I thought, but I learnt the hard way I would go from 6.30 am and not eat until my evening meal thinking oh ill grab something at lunch time knowing you would end up on a different path and never have that lunch.

Then there it is; it hits you, yes look in the Mirror that person is you; you are immersed in the vicious circle no matter how many people you meet say you look well! How do we interpret that? We look well or Wow she’s put on lots of weight?



The Initial path to KMO


Ok here goes my story as it is, September 2012 I remember it well, hot flushes start, I start to become irritable with my husband and son to the point of being nasty, but seriously anyone who has been in the situation will understand, but I could not stop it; it was as if I was on the outside looking in with no control, this went on for about 4 weeks, then I went to see a Dr after blood tests and results it was put down as a hormonal imbalance; or peri menopausal, so with tablets in hand thinking I’m now seriously drowning in this vicious circle,  then things go from bad to worse.


I woke up one Sunday morning at the beginning of November put my foot on the floor and could not walk I was in so much pain, but as you do I carried on to work until my foot got worse and swollen, so took myself off to hospital, to be advised I had broken my foot, to this day we do not know how this happened and has been put down to sleep walking. My life gets even better about 2 weeks later I was due to go to the hospital for a check up on my foot, again woke up to my wrist on my right hand being sore, swollen and painful, thought I would just get the hospital to xray it when I went for my check up and surprise surprise; it was a fractured wrist, again to this day I do not remember anything and can only put it down to sleep walking. Take a moment to imagine my foot in plaster, my wrist in a splint, at least 8 weeks of healing with no exercise, feeling pretty sorry for myself, at this point I am drowning in that vicious circle, being past from pillar to post with Doctors, specialists, tests and more tests.


My Life Changing Commitment


I remember this so vividly, I knew I had to get out of this circle and I had to do something about this, there was only one way I had to do it myself. In April 2013 I had been looking into gyms, personal trainers etc. but nothing added up to what I required, I needed something personal to me at the end of the day each person is an individual and what may work for one may not work for someone else, looking back now I laugh and wonder what she thought the day I walked into the Gym with my list of ailments and problems, but hey Katie gave me a chance and that’s what I needed at that time not to be judged, just a chance!



And Still Committing


It has been a difficult journey to get to and achieve what I have done so far, believe me I still have more hard work to do, but along the way I have met some wonderful people and Katie being the optimum support pillar who has assisted me to arriving at this point…that is the point of no return…to the vicious circle.


Katie Morris this journey could not have been achieved without your professionalism and caring about your clients and listening to what they want as individuals…Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Louise Macfarlane - December, 2017


So what can I say…before January this year I had never seen the inside of a gym, press-ups brought me out in hives and I thought a Bulgarian lunge was a ethnic dance move. How things have changed! But something had to. For the previous 6 months I had been really struggling with the classic symptoms of the menopause: not sleeping and the most awful hot flushes. I have a stressful job which involves long haul travel and after completing 2 trips overseas I felt absolutely awful.  The HRT I had tried worked but then gave me the most horrific migraines.  I needed to do something which may me feel better and that I could control myself. 


Then I met coach KMO (what on earth does that mean?). We worked through what I wanted to achieve. Doing sweaty CV exercise was not going to work and I really just wanted to feel stronger.  So weights and various grim lunge type exercises were brought into the programme. We also went through my diet and my water intake.  Who'd have thought I'm drinking the buckets I am now! 


KMO is a great motivator and keeps things interesting. She has a great phrase ' I won't let you fail' which works for me as I am so competitive. When the praise comes I feel like I've really achieved something because praise is something KMO uses sparingly!!

Within a few months of regular training I feel so much better. Stronger, fitter but most importantly I have so much more energy which really helps me deal with the side effects of menopause. The one thing I hadn't bargained for is that I actually enjoy it and we have such a laugh in the process. 


To anyone thinking about using KMO, do it, you get great results with a great PT and have fun at the same time. 

Muna Rahim - November, 2017


Before training with Coach KMO, my exercise regimen included a lot of spinning classes and group fitness classes – great for my overall health but not enough to transform my body. Unable to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight (when my daughter was already three years old), I decided that in order to reach my goal weight, I needed to get out of my comfort zone and get more personalized training and support. That’s when I met Coach KMO. She introduced me to the world of strength training with a Personal Trainer. I knew from my first session with her that I had a winning combination – a new approach to fitness and an amazing coach.


Coach KMO is passionate about fitness and I always felt that she had a personal interest in helping me reach my goals. This was clear from the energy, enthusiasm and empathy that she brought to each and every session. Not only did Coach KMO influence my attitude about physical fitness, but she also gave me a lot of valuable advice about eating well and counting calories to lose weight. This was crucial and played a huge role in helping me reach my goals. In summary, Coach KMO retrained my attitude and my body. She is personable and shows a lot of integrity. She motivated me to push past my perceived limits and get results. For anyone serious about changing his/her life for the better, Coach KMO is more than capable of supporting you every step of the way… highly recommended!

Maya Abdul Majeed - November, 2017


I trained with Katie for 2 wonderful years. She was professional, committed, assertive, and very personable. Chemistry and rapport with a personal trainer are a must for me and with Katie that came easily, naturally. She was such a pleasure to train with. Katie knew just how and when to encourage and when to push (and when to stop which is just as important) and on top of that she was a lot of fun! She was always brimming with new ideas and made every session interesting, making me look forward to every single one. She understood what my fitness and health goals were and helped me achieve them. She was always available and willing to offer lots of advice based on her extensive knowledge, and was patient in answering all my queries.


Simply put - Katie is very skilled and an incredible master of her craft. A real deal in an industry full of wannabees. Through consistent feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude and my body and I was able to reach my fitness goals sooner than I thought. Katie discovered the athlete in me that I never knew and made me look at things differently. In a short period of time I was the fittest I've ever been (and that's after having 3 children!).


I miss training with Katie, and would highly recommend her. If you are serious about improving your fitness, changing your body and challenging yourself, then Katie is the person to train with - she will lead you every step of the way and make sure you succeed!

Reem Al-Thawadi - October, 2017

I met Katie at a boutique gym I used to go to back home. Initially, I had another trainer and I really enjoyed his style. When Katie got assigned to train me instead, I wasn’t that that thrilled. However, two sessions later, I never looked back. What I learned working out with Katie, I still use years later, and whenever I need some self-encouragement, I try to put myself in the same state of mind I was in when I trained with her. I was in the best shape of my life, with loads of energy and positivity.


What Katie was amazing at:


- She really understood people. I’m not a person prone to chitchat, and especially not at 6 in the morning. Katie knew just how to adjust to that with a bit of banter, a bit of letting me be, a bit of thoughtful questions about my life; just the perfect balance for me.

- She knew just when to push a bit more to get the maximum benefit out of the training. Often, she made me do Tabata rounds, sprints and mini HIIT cycles at the end of the workout, where I had to keep going just when I thought I couldn’t. It was training my mental toughness as much as my muscles.

- She understood how to instil routines and diets. To get me on a calorie-strict diet, I had to send her a photo of every meal for two weeks, and that really worked! Also, the diet was practical, balanced and easy to follow. I lost fat and weight in the right way, and never felt better.


For anyone looking to work with Katie, expect to be understood, to work hard, and to go through fundamental changes that will reshape how you exercise and eat for many years to come. Should we end up in the same city again, Katie would be my trainer and coach with no second thoughts..


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